Why is Fox Rental Car So Cheap and Good?

When looking to rent a car, most travelers want to find the best deal possible without sacrificing quality or service. That often leads them to ask: why is Fox Rental Car so cheap compared to other rental companies? 

This guide will explore the reasons behind Fox’s affordable rates and whether the lower prices mean you’ll get less for your money.

Fox’s Business Model Allows Low Rates

Fox Rental Car built its business around offering discounted rates to customers. As an independent rental company not affiliated with the major brands, Fox does not have the high corporate overhead and operating expenses that push prices up at companies like Hertz, Enterprise, or Avis.

With a lean operation and focus on efficiency, Fox passes the savings on with cheap rental car prices across all vehicle classes – from economy cars to SUVs and vans. While the national rent-a-car giants largely rely on airport locations, Fox concentrates on neighborhood branches. This saves money by avoiding expensive airport fees and taxes that inevitably get passed on to the consumer.

Why is Fox Rental Car So Cheap and Good?
Why is Fox Rental Car So Cheap and Good?

What About Insurance & Other Fees?

When comparing rental rates, it’s important to consider the total cost including insurance options, taxes and fees. Fox manages to keep these additional charges low as well.

They offer basic state minimum liability insurance that meets legal requirements across the USA for free. Upgrading to higher levels of CDW (collision damage waiver) coverage costs extra, but is competitively priced. The same goes for add-ons like GPS or child safety seats if needed.

Fox’s all-inclusive pricing means taxes, airport surcharges if applicable, and other fees are built into the base rate shown online and at the counter. So the cheap weekly or daily price you see advertised tends to be very close to your total cost, unlike some name brands that tack on hidden charges at the time of rental.

The Fleet Focuses on Economy Cars

To maximize efficiency and savings, Fox concentrates its fleet on smaller, fuel-efficient compact cars and midsize sedans from brands like Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai. These models deliver solid value and dependability while optimizing Fox’s operating costs.

You’ll typically only find a handful of full-size or premium vehicles available at Fox branches, if any. So while the tradeoff may mean fewer high-end upgrades, it allows Fox to reduce overhead and pass spectacular savings to customers needing an affordable, comfortable economy car rental for everyday transportation.

Top Cities Have Ultra-Cheap Rates

Fox strategically bases many of its branches near major tourist destinations like Orlando, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. High demand in these busy markets allows Fox to secure bulk deals on rental vehicles. In turn, they can undercut competitor pricing since recouping the fleet investment is quick and easy.

For example, Fox advertises compact car rentals for as low as $8.99 per day in Orlando and Vegas. 

Even midsize sedan rates can dip under $15 per day which is tough to beat anywhere. So next time you plan a trip to one of America’s top vacation cities, checking Fox’s local prices could lead to massive savings compared to airport rentals.

What About Service & Reviews?

Understandably, rental customers want reassurance that excellent service won’t disappear along with higher prices. The good news is Fox Rental Car consistently earns positive reviews and ratings that indicate cheap does not have to mean a compromise on quality.

Industry surveys like JD Power’s annual awards have recognized Fox branches for top-ranking customer satisfaction scores based on criteria like vehicle condition, cleanliness and overall rental experience. Additionally, some of their neighborhood locations boast 4+ star ratings on Google Maps showing most guests are highly satisfied.

While smaller than mega agencies, Fox does have physical branches across 20+ states not only online or over the phone. So if any issues occur during your rental period, visiting an office location is an option for assistance. Between good ratings and domestic growth, Fox’s affordable model appears sustainable without cutting corners.

Should You Rent from Fox?

For many travelers, the outstanding pricing is reason enough to rent from Fox and take advantage of the savings. The added peace of mind from positive reviews is just a bonus. However, be sure to weigh your specific trip details and rental needs before booking.

If you want luxury car upgrades, need to accommodate lots of passengers and luggage, or desire maximum insurance coverage, then paying a little more through a traditional company may make sense. Likewise, Fox’s limited airport presence means it won’t be the best fit for strictly air travel car rentals.

But for routine transportation, moving, temporary replacements, or vacationers focused on value, Fox can deliver spectacular rental car deals without the drawbacks often associated with ultra-cheap companies. For the savvy and flexible traveller, Fox’s affordable rates and solid service make for an unbeatable combination.

So next time you need wheels, give the underdog Fox Rental Car a look. Just be ready to enjoy the savings without the surprise add-ons, fees and fraud fears that lead people to ask “Why so cheap?”. Their business model offers a refreshing answer focusing on efficiency and simplicity to keep consumers happy.