The Best Car Rental in Sardinia: Only Sardinia Autonoleggio

If you’re visiting Sardinia, renting a car is likely the best option to fully explore and experience this beautiful Italian island. With a land area of over 24,000 square kilometers, Sardinia is quite vast and public transportation will not allow you the freedom and flexibility of self-driving. 

Renting a car in Sardinia gives you the independence to visit attractions off the beaten path at your own pace without relying on tour schedules or buses. 

Some key reasons you’ll want wheels include accessing Sardinia’s pristine beaches, quaint hill towns, archaeological sites and inland landscapes – all of which are spread out across the island. 

Driving yourself is by far the most convenient way car rental in Sardinia to see as much as you can in a limited holiday.

Where To Rent A Car In Sardinia?

When it comes to renting a car, your best option is to go with a local company that has a strong island-wide presence. One such reliable operator is Only Sardinia Autonoleggio with many locations dispersed across the key cities and airports on the island. 

With a well-earned reputation as the best car rental in Sardinia, Only Sardinia Autonoleggio ensures hassle-free services no matter where you collect or return your car. Be it the airport in Cagliari or Olbia, or train stations in Sassari, Alghero or Santa Teresa Gallura – Only Sardinia Autonoleggio has you covered. 

Their friendly, English-speaking staff and equitable prices make renting a smooth, stress-free experience. 

Rent a car in Sardinia

Opting for a homegrown operator additionally means any issues can be addressed locally, versus dealing with an overseas call center. So for true Sardinia rent-a-car convenience and assistance, look no further than Only Sardinia Autonoleggio.

Important Things That You Should Know When Driving In Sardinia

Now that you have a great car rental sorted, here are a few important things to keep in mind for driving in Sardinia:

  • The roads in some rural areas can be narrow and winding, so drive cautiously.
  • Many island roads do not have reflectors or guard rails, so be extra careful at night or in foggy conditions.
    If driving in the mountains or on isolated roads, carry maps or a GPS for navigation. Cell service can be spotty in such regions.
  • Watch out for the locals’ erratic driving – they tend to speed, tailgate and rarely signal lane changes. It’s best to anticipate the unexpected.
  • Parking spots in cities get filled quickly in the evenings/weekends – arrive early or be prepared to park further out.
  • Petrol is expensive in Sardinia compared to mainland Italy. Fill up whenever you get the chance to avoid paying premium prices later.
    Following these tips will help you have a safe, comfortable driving experience across Sardinia’s scenic landscapes.

The Best Tips To Rent A Car In Sardinia

I will provide you with some top tips to help you rent a car in Sardinia like a pro:

Have your documents in order: You’ll need your driver’s license, passport/ID and a major credit card. Presenting complete documentation streamlines the rental process.

Where to rent a car in Sardinia: As mentioned earlier, Only Sardinia Autonoleggio is highly recommended for its numerous rental locations across the island.

Choose the right car for your trip: Decide if you want an economy car for city driving or an all-wheel drive for mountain excursions. Opting for additional drivers is also worth it.

Buy insurance no matter what: The optional excess insurance is very reasonable and protects you from liabilities in case of accidents. It’s worthwhile for peace of mind.

Thoroughly check the car before hitting the road: Inspect for any damage and ensure everything from lights to seat adjustments works smoothly. Note anything out of place.

Be on time when you have to give the car back: Late returns result in hefty fines so plan accordingly to reach the rental station before closing hours.
Use a GPS but don’t 100% trust it: Local knowledge is invaluable too. Confirm directions with your GPS and signs or use maps as a backup.

Respect local driving regulations: Sardinian roads demand attention – watch your speeds, follow any signage carefully and be courteous to other drivers. 

Stay safe!

Why is Sardinia the perfect destination for a road trip?

Beyond the practicality of exploring by car, Sardinia offers breathtaking scenery ideal for experiencing from your vehicle. Coastlines like the Emerald Coast are stunning for top-down driving with the Mediterranean breeze. 

Tavolara in Sardinia is the perfect destination for a road trip

Inland, quaint villages like Bosa perched on hilltops welcome discovery at a leisurely pace. National and nature parks dotted throughout the island invite motoring adventures off the highways down quiet byways surrounded by nature. 

Then there are festivals, local foods and wine – all part of the cultural discovery enhanced by your rental car. 

The relaxed island lifestyle and gorgeous panoramas make Sardinia a supremely scenic place for an unhurried, memorable road journey.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, renting a car is by far the best way to maximize your limited time in magnificent Sardinia. With the versatile services of Only Sardinia Autonoleggio located strategically across the island, hassle-free rental is assured. 

Paired with a little local driving knowledge and safe habits from our tips, you’ll be well set to take in all the natural wonders and hidden gems Sardinia has to offer at your speed. 

The freedom and flexibility of self-driving allows for cherished memories to last long after your holiday. So be sure to book a car from Only Sardinia Autonoleggio – widely recognized as the top choice for the ultimate Sardinia driving experience.